SDS launches Ramadan selections featuring deliciousness inspired by Malay traditional spice Soto

SDS launches Ramadan selections featuring deliciousness inspired by Malay traditional spice, Soto. | Ramadan is the long-waited holy month by Muslims in a year.

Fast breaking with a delectable iftar feast can be simple but meaningful. Local most recognizable bakery and cafe group, SDS, is also ready to entice all with traditional yet innovative scrumptious Ramadan meals, as well as a bevy of stunning Raya hampers, cookies, and Kuih Lapis embracing the joy of festive gift giving.

A simple twist in iftar dinner can make fast breaking more enjoyable. This year, the culinary team of SDS has crafted a brand new creation with Malay traditional spice, Soto. The exquisite deliciousness created is known as “Nasi Soto”, which is believed to first born in Malaysia. Read more about SDS launches Ramadan selections featuring deliciousness inspired by Malay traditional spice, Soto.

“Our innovative has transformed this well-known Malay traditional spice which usually presented in soup with chicken, or even dried soto with chicken, into our “Nasi Soto”, which is actually the white rice cooked with soto spice that is sure to be able to surprise our customer’s tastebuds,” said Mr. Lee Ling Sen, Marketing Manager of SDS.

Exciting dining selections for iftar dinner by SDS filled with “Nasi Soto” in each dish, and four main dishes including “Ayam Berempah”, “Prawn Paste Chicken Chop”, “Thai Chili Seafood”, and “Beef Rendang”. Ranges from RM19.90++ to RM23.90++, each meal comes with fried boiled egg, crispy keropok, acar (sour mixed vegetables), salads, three pieces of curry puff, dates, and addictive sambal kicap. Customer can choose to complete their scrumptious Ramadan meal with refreshing notes add on to their dish. Cool beverages including “Iced Soya Bandung Kurma” and “Iced Boba Kurma Milk” are available for add on at RM5.90++ with order of any Ramadan meal, and RM7.90++ for a-la carte. Hot drinks lover is able to enjoy “Hot Kurma Milk” as well at RM4.90++ with order of any Ramadan meal, and RM6.90++ for a-la carte.

SDS customers are welcomed to happily tuck into SDS Ramadan meals from 13 April to 31 May 2021 at SDS outlets located at Bangi, AEON Mall Nilai, AEON Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn, AEON Mall Bukit Indah, AEON Mall Tebrau City, AEON Mall Kulaijaya, KSL City, City Square, Taman Universiti, Johor Jaya, Kota Tinggi, Desaru, Paradigm Mall, Taman Perling, and The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey. Customers can choose to dine-in or take-away SDS special iftar offerings to ease their burden of cooking during the holy month.

“Hari Raya is the best time to send regards and present festive gift giving to friends and relatives.” Mr. Lee added.

It is absolutely that SDS Raya hampers which furnished with crumbly cookies, and wrapped in delightful Raya theme packaging will be your best choice to present your Raya wishes to your loved ones. SDS has introduced three Raya hamper selections, and two gift set, which presented in appealing paper-bag and gift box, ranges from RM58 to RM258, to cater the needs of exclusive festive gift giving. One of the most economical yet presentable and noteworthy Raya gift set introduced by SDS, named “Aidilfitri Gift Set” consists of “Nyonya Pineapple Cookies”, “Almond and Seeds Crisp”, and all time favourite “Mini Macaron”, available at RM58 only. “Lebaran Hamper”, the most classy yet affordable hamper which wrapped with “Nyonya Pineapple Cookies”, “Almond and Seeds Crisp”, “Peanut Cookies”, “Almond Chocolate Cookies”, “Chocolate Cookies”, “4 in 1 Cookies Set”, almond milk chocolate, dates, and bird nest is up for grabs at RM258 only. Another three

hampers and gift box, which named “Mesra”, “Ikhlas”, and “Syawal” bringing meaningful greetings to be presented to friends, relatives, employees, business partners, and clients.

Tasty Raya cookies and traditional “Kuih Lapis” is essential for each house during festive celebration. According to Mr. Lee, five selections of Raya cookies introduced by SDS this year, “Nyonya Pineapple Cookies”, “Almond and Seeds Crisp”, “Peanut Cookies”, “Melting Almond Cookies”, and “Chocolate Cookies” which are packed in graceful Raya theme can, are available from RM30.80 to RM33.80. Apart from cookies, yummy “Kuih Lapis” introduced by SDS, which are the original, prune, pandan, and durian Kuih Lapis are also on sale from RM38.80 to RM75.80 in two sizes, standard and royal. 

“We understand that Covid-19 pandemic restricts many of us to back to hometown and visit our loved ones. Therefore, we provide Raya hamper and cookies delivery service to whole Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore to assist our customers to deliver their warmest greetings to their friends and family members in this thanksgiving festive.” Mr. Lee said.

According to Mr. Lee, SDS has provided more choices and e-commerce platforms for customer to pre-order Hari Raya gift, and get delivered to their doorsteps. Interested customers may pre-order SDS Raya hamper and cookies via “WhatsApp” application or call hotline at 012-7660589. Furthermore, interested customers can also visit their official website, or online shopping platform, such as SHOPEE and LAZADA, to search “SDS Hamper”, and pre-order Raya hamper or cookies online, and get delivered at their doorsteps. 


“In accordance with the joyous ambience of Raya festive, we have outlined a series of online and offline activities adhere to standard SOP, aim to cheer up our customers.” Mr. Lee added.

Activities announced by SDS including Treasure Hunt, Spin Wheel Lucky Draw, Share and Win, social media LIVE stream and etc. will be carried out throughout the holy month. Fabulous prizes such as SDS Raya hamper and cookies are prepared to giveaway to participants. 

For more information on SDS Hari Raya series and activities, kindly log on to their official Facebook page at .


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