Reasons of Providing Meeting Rooms in Malaysia

Reasons of Providing Meeting Rooms in Malaysia

Meeting rooms are spaces used to hold formal or informal meetings. The use of meeting rooms varies according to culture, geographical location, and type of organization. For example, in most American workplaces, it is customary to meet new people in informal settings such as coffee shops rather than using one of the company’s meeting rooms.

However, this is not the case in most other countries, where meeting rooms are widely used. For example, Malaysian offices feature large meeting rooms as a matter of course. In Malaysia, it is also common for spouses to spend time together in one of its meeting rooms while their children spend time with babysitters in another room.

Reasons of Providing Meeting Rooms in Malaysia

So many Malaysian companies provide meeting rooms for their employees because laws require them to do so. The hours spent in these dedicated spaces contribute toward the number of annual leave days each person is entitled to.

As well as providing legal cover, employers also find other benefits in providing dedicated meeting rooms for their staff members. For example, employees who have their own private meeting spaces are more likely to be happier at work.

One reason for this is that having an office space of one’s own is beneficial even in shared workplaces, making it easier to concentrate without interruption. Another reason is the impact dedicated spaces have on company culture – employees who use meeting rooms feel like part of a community and contribute toward a feeling of fellowship.

Another reason why Malaysian companies choose to provide meeting rooms for their staff is the country’s climate. Most offices in Malaysia are air-conditioned, which can be stifling during peak hours, especially if employees spend the whole day inside the office. Providing dedicated spaces lets employees take breaks without leaving the building – joining their fellow workers in a meeting room to chat or even take a nap.

Meeting rooms are an excellent solution to this age-old problem because they provide a dedicated space for private meetings without disturbing other employees who may be working late. Meeting rooms are also widely used in offices where employees routinely work overtime. Not only does the use of dedicated spaces encourage employees to take breaks, but it is also convenient for colleagues who may need to meet each other outside working hours for social or business reasons.

Reasons of Providing Meeting Rooms in Malaysia

Finally, meeting rooms make it easier for employers to keep track of their staff members’ location and productivity, which is an essential consideration in most companies. For example, some organizations require managers to report the duration of meetings held in the company’s meeting rooms daily by filling out forms provided by human resources.


To encourage colleagues to use the office’s meeting rooms, it is widespread for companies to leave these rooms open twenty-four hours a day. This gives employees more flexibility when they choose to meet with each other, which helps boost productivity.

These rooms are also common to be fitted with additional amenities such as whiteboards, projectors, and televisions. Finally, employers need to encourage their employees to make the most of the meeting spaces by following up on tasks that emerge from meetings to increase productivity further.


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