Make your home the place to be this Christmas

Make your home the place to be this Christmas|While the holidays may be smaller than usual due to the ongoing pandemic, IKEA is inviting Malaysians to embrace and reinvent the holiday season.

Whether it is creating new memories with old traditions, bonding over Christmas treats, cooking up a storm for your loved ones or just enjoying a cozy day in, it is time to make your home the place to be this festive season.

Setting the mood with the right essentials

When it comes to the holidays, enjoying the company of our loved ones is the highlight of the festive season. While many of us often spend time prepping meals in the kitchen and savouring all the good food, every piece of item in the kitchen and dining room can get us into the festive mood. Your kitchen utensils and dinnerware are much more than just plates and bowls for serving food. The perfect dinnerware, serving bowls and table decoration creates the right mood while helping you throw a spectacular celebration.

Making your home smell like Christmas

Scents of gingerbread cookies and sweet treats filling the kitchen – the holidays are a great excuse to treat yourself to extra indulgences. Take this time to unwind while bonding with your children and loved ones by whipping up a cake for the entire family, making gingerbread cookies, or even decorating a gingerbread house! Here are some must-have bakeware to get you started. This could even be a fun weekly activity and first step to discovering your child’s inner chef as we continue to spend more time at home.

Whipping up mouthwatering dishes 

Christmas is never complete without a feast! Here some kitchen utensils to help you prepare some traditional wholesome dishes for the entire family. Whether you are baking a pie, roasting a chicken, tossing some vegetables, or even making some stew, IKEA has you covered!

Decking up the home!

It is not Christmas without the decorations! As soon as the decorations are up, that is when the festive spirit kicks in. Check out some of these affordable holiday decors that is sure to spread some Christmas cheer while making the celebration at home a lot merrier.

It is time to start planning for the holiday season! Shop online at the comfort of your home with IKEA’s contactless delivery and assembly services. You may also visit any IKEA store nearest to you. 


In supporting Malaysians to create a better everyday life amidst the current pandemic, all IKEA stores have strict preventive measures in place. To ensure the safety and well-being of all shoppers and co-workers, everyone is required to check-in via the MySejahtera upon entering the stores, restaurants and cafes; use a face mask upon entering the stores; get their temperatures check via a thermal scanner; disinfect their hands at the hand sanitizer stations; and adhere to social distancing using the clear and visible floor markings as a guide.


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  1. Tadi plan konon nak pi Ikea gak, tengok langit gelap, col Suami, alaaa tak dapat izin plak keluar ke arah sana huhu makanya kita masak dan makan aje laa dirumah hahahaha

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