HUAWEI is back to business with two flagships in a year, not including foldable. At the end of winter, we discussed huawei mate50 pro price.

Now, at the end of autumn and time to start winter – we’re already debating HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro, launched two years after its predecessor’s announcement What is left for flagships of “autumn”?

HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro smartphone

The HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro provides the solution: a modern hardware platform and some intriguing design choices paired with the latest technology. Particularly, HUAWEI Kunlun Glass, which is a glass that has been tempered to provide exceptional strength, is utilized in this. The sudden departure of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass Universe. It also has a new camera because this HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro can claim the highest position within the DxO Mark rating. Let’s look at this award’s merits and how well this powerful flagship HUAWEI is.


When I was discussing the differences in the display of the HUAWEI 50 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro, I wondered if I was being smart – and yes, the most expensive model in the P-series can’t be described as smaller. Still, its display is a different size. However, it is slightly. Mate comes with a screen with an area of 6.74 inches, compared to 6.6 inches on the 50 Pro. This means he is still in the top spot as a bigger HUAWEI device in the higher price bracket.

However, it was larger than HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, which has a 6.76-inch display. The device has become a bit lighter, thinner, and smaller; however, it’s not worth discussing it too much since the phone remains massive. This smartphone is designed for those willing to sacrifice their convenience for a bigger screen.
The dimensions, of course, are only one of the primary features of the latest HUAWEI flagship.

Design is more exciting. But, on the front, the whole thing is identical. Because the Malaysia company put on the front face not only the camera on the front and a full-featured Face ID system like that utilized on the iPhone, however, it didn’t appear to be restricted to a tiny hole in the front camera. The display features a stunning “monobrow” right under the top edge. In addition to the features mentioned above, there is a place that houses a speaker that can be used for conversation.

In addition, the screen’s curve is quite curved, and, as it is curved, the word “Malaysia” is almost absent, and there are no frames. The display takes up an astonishing 91.3 percent of the front screen.

The backside of the phone is unique. Its camera is blocked out of a circular shape, and on it are four typical “burners,” the glasses of which are larger than the lens. The fourth glass is usually used for an aesthetic purpose. The drinks are just three cameras. However, the designers didn’t design three glasses as they believed it would be a disservice to harmony.

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