Everything to know about Courier services and how they work

Everything to know about Courier services and how they work | In Malaysia, delivery services are becoming the new norm. People from Malaysia are becoming comfortable or getting used to the delivery services since the covid-19 pandemic has struck

Initially, there were multiple issues with the delivery services in Malaysia where few people used delivery services and few people did not.

One of the main reasons why courier services are facing issues in Malaysia is the efficacy of the delivery system itself. Some delivery organizations have poor management of their delivery services whereas some organizations have technical problems such as damaged goods, slow delivery, and many more.
The goal of this article is to change the perception of people about delivery services in Malaysia.
Why choose a courier service/ e-commerce delivery/ postal service in Malaysia?

Choosing the preferred provider of logistics service in Malaysia (LSP- logistics service provider) to accomplish the e-commerce deliveries can be an unsettling job. There are about 110 courier options along with a courier service that provides nationally such as private players, foreign players (incorporated originally from overseas), and POS Malaysia. The courier service business has recently flourished in Malaysia significantly even with tough competition.Courier service in Malaysia.

Choosing the correct LSP can provide you an upper hand over the competitors as you can delight your customers by ensuring them with efficient and fast delivery speeds and utmost reliability while keeping the costs of shipping low.

In this delivery segment, a postal company is operated by the governing body of the nation. In Malaysia, POS is the national postal company. It is a government-driven body that will provide you with the most affordability to get any item delivered to the customer.

Is express private courier service preferred as a delivery solution?

Express private courier services have a specialization in a few parts related to the supply chain, for example, last mile and first mile, and they also provide services that are end-to-end at a reasonable yet premium rate. The top courier service providers in Malaysia have their individual strengths in how to provide value-added and unique services for their customers.

Since these organizations operate privately, the courier companies have the upper hand in providing faster services than the providers of postal services. The end-to-end system facilitates courier companies to provide delivery services more efficiently.

Services offered by courier services in Malaysia have are:

  • Trace and track
  • Doorstep delivery to the customer
  • Calling and SMS/text notifications to ensure whether the customer is at the provided address or not
  • Compensation or insurance for damaged or lost parcels.

Benefits of using courier services in Malaysia?

  • Pricing is decent according to the service they provide
  • Tracking (on-time and end-to-end)
  • The time for delivering the item is less than or within the given estimated time. That means the goods that are time-sensitive will arrive faster at the doorstep (for example, medicines)
  • Customer service is great
  • Claims for damaged or lost goods can be made that is, compensation for breakage, damage, spillage, missing, and accident or GIT (goods in transit) insurance.
  • Network coverage is huge (cross border shipping)

    Step up your service by choosing the correct courier service in Malaysia!


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