Benefits of watermelon


Hai korang??Happy sunday.I hope you guys feeling well in this weekend.

Need to share with you guys about the 10 benefits of Watermelon. I am pretty sure you like to eat this fruits.Lets see the benefits.

  1. Highest alkalising fruit
  2. Reduce high blood pressure.
  3. Reduce blood sugar level.
  4. High water contest(92%).
  5. Reduce heart disease risk.
  6. Boosts immune system.
  7. Strengthens bones.
  8. Produces energy.
  9. Cleans kidneys.
  10. Fights cancer.
So this are 10 benefits of watermelon you should now.

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  1. Banyak sangat manfaatnya. Paling suka tembikai kuning. Tapi sedih, payah nak cari

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