7 Things To Do in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

7 Things To Do in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia | As Malaysians, we have various choices of holiday destinations. One of the most recommended places to visit in Kota Kinabalu.

The charming city is designated as the capital of Sabah, East Malaysia, which is mostly known for its warm and different ambiance from Kuala Lumpur.

Kota Kinabalu offers a different vibe in more natural surroundings, with lush jungles, valleys, and mountains as the famous Mount Kinabalu is located there. Besides the mountain, you can find other attractions, such as the countryside life, mangroves, and rivers around the city.

7Things To Do in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

To get there, there are ways, including using the plane to go for flights to Kinabalu. It takes about three hours to fly from KL to Kinabalu, but it’s totally worth the time. So, a short trip or long holiday weekend is a perfect thing to be planned, and for the recommendation, here are the best things to do in Kota Kinabalu.


  1. Mount the Kinabalu Mountain

    As said before, Mount Kinabalu is the icon of the city. As Malaysians’ sacred natural attraction, Mount Kinabalu is one of the most visited destinations within the city. This mountain is part of the Crocker Mountain Range with its peak recorded at 13,000 feet above sea level.

    By getting up to the top of the mountain, you will find a natural picturesque view of the mountain’s ecosystem with its diversity of Malaysia’s flora and fauna. The Kinabalu National Park where the mountain is located is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the best views all around Sabah. The best thing to do there is to catch up with the sunrise at dawn at Mount Kinabalu’s summit.

  2. Take a Mangrove Tour

    In Kota Kinabalu, you will find Mangrove forest and conservation, Klias Wetland Mangrove Forest Reserve. The place is a Klias River which lies almost over Kota Kinabalu and encircles the forest of Mangrove.

    You need to try the trip to cruise down the Klias River to catch up on a formation of Mangrove’s forest. Besides that, you will be able to spot some species, whether fireflies or proboscis monkeys there.

  3. Visit Kota Kinabalu City Mosque

    Kota Kinabalu has an iconic large mosque located in the city centre called the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. The Mosque is the largest and most beautiful one which is located and floating on the top of the water at the lagoon.

    The Mosque’s architecture is colored blue and gold, and the dome is gold-colored. The best time to visit the mosque is at noon as you can explore the inside or the surroundings.

  4. Visit Green Connection Aquarium

    For family trips and for the kids, the Green Connection Aquarium is a must-visit place in Kota Kinabalu. You can see the aquatic habitat with its full-colored ecosystem inside the aquarium. There are also a variety of interactive exhibits with an immersive experience to enjoy, such as its touch tanks with sharks inside them.

    Green Connection Aquarium also offers a diving show that provides a view of the marine life of Kota Kinabalu. So, for nature lovers, you need to visit the place as you go to Kinabalu City.

  5. Shopping at Handicraft Market

    Kota Kinabalu is famous for its Handicraft Market. The market is located at the waterfront in the city and was famous as Pasar Filipino in past times. The market is a perfect place to find high-quality local goods, so it is a great place to buy some local souvenirs.

    You will find a bunch of local goods, including wood carvings, textiles, and local crafts. One tip, don’t hesitate to haggle if you want to spend less money on your shopping time.

7Things To Do in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

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