4FINGERS Turns Up the Heat this Lunar New Year with their New Firecracker Chicken

4FINGERS Turns Up the Heat this Lunar New Year with their New Firecracker Chicken| This Lunar New Year, Malaysian will get experience Mala, Spice and everything nice like never before, with the launch of 4FINGERS latest spicy chicken flavour – Firecracker Chicken

The Firecracker chicken rub contains only the freshest  spices, including cumin and Szechuan peppercorn, and is specially crafted in collaboration with Singaporean celebrity chef and fried chicken aficionado, Bjorn Shen.To View the full Ingredients list,can see the above picture

As its name suggests, this feisty comes packed with an aromatic, spicy kick, while remaining enjoyable.The banging new menu item will be available for a limited time across all fourteen 4FINGERS  outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru throughout the festive Lunar New Year Season, beginning 22nd January.

The Firecracker chicken will be available as 4FINGERS singnature wingettes, drumettes, and drumsticks, starting from RM15 for ala carte items and RM19.70 for meal bundles. To view the full price , can check this picture above

Spice aficionados can opt for an entire meal consisting of only Firecracker  chicken, and those who are less confident they can handle the burst of heat can go for two chicken flavours including 4FINGERS signature Soy Garlic or Hot Sauce in one meal.

With over fourteen years of culinary experience, Singapore born chef Bjorn Shen is no stranger to hte F&B Industry.Bjorn is currently teh chef and owner of Artichoke, Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant ins Singapore.In 2016, he was named one of the “Best 20 Chefs’ in Singapore by World Gourmet Summit, and was also the finalist for “Chef of the Year” in 2018.

A resident judge for MasterChef Singapore, Bjorn coins his style of cooking ‘dudestronomy’ with a
love for big, bold flavours and fried chicken.

Chef Bjorn Shen said: “4FINGERS and I have spent some time together to perfect this unique
blend of flavours that is tasty, yet spicy enough to bring the heat. I dare say that the spice level
of these wings are one of the strongest across crispy chicken brands in Malaysia, and I’m
excited to see Malaysians try it for themselves. I feel the need to reiterate that I am serious
about my chicken game – and I even have a chicken wing tattoo on my arm to prove that – and
am proud to have been involved with 4FINGERS’ Firecracker chicken.”

Dave Acton, CEO of 4FINGERS added, “Chef Bjorn has once again blown us away with his
bold creations in our latest collaboration. With his deep understanding of Asian taste profiles,
paired with his love for fried chicken, I’m confident that this collaboration will pave the way for
more to come in the months ahead.”
“4FINGERS have many exciting things in the pipeline, and this launch serves as a tantalising
taste of what’s to come for our fans around the world this year as we aim to remain a disruptive
force in the F&B scene, while continuing to stay grounded and show support for local talent and
producers. We hope our fans can share this excitement with us as we continue to roll out
exciting products that will tingle taste buds and keep people coming back for more!”



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