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Mirabella skincare set contains :-
  • Mirabella Skincare
  • Mirabella Uv Cream
  • Mirabella Beauty Cream
Mirabella Cleanser
  • To cleanse and refresh your skin
  • To get rid of pore clogged
  • To balance and keep your skin well nourished
  • No harmful ingredieants used such as hydroquinone and mercury.
  • Removing excess make up,as these oily substances cannot efectively be removed through washing alone
How to use Mirabella Skincare
-Dispense desired amount onto palm,lather with water and gently massage on face and neck.Rinse well
Mirabella UV Cream
  • Protect my skin from UV light
  • Promotes a brighter healthy skin
  • No harmful ingredieants used such as hydroquinone and mercury.
  • Prevent and treat dry skin,protect sensitive skin,improve skin tone and texture
  • Active ingredients used helps to protect the skin from premature aging,giving a radiant and youthful skin
-Apply cream evenly onto the face and neck every morning and daytme
Mirabella Beauty Cream
  • Intended to whitten and lighten skin color
  • Enhance performance of the skin nutrients
  • New,safe and effective skin-whitening and skin brightening
  • Based on natural ingredients in the skin care product formulation
  • No dangerous active chemical ingredients which can caused serious skin complications
  • Reduce hyper pigmentation
  • Skin toner corrector
  • prevent prematre signs of aging
  • Reduce age-related dark spots,skin pigmentation,freckles and other skin pigmentation disorder
  • Friming and moisture skin
How to apply
-Apply cream evenly onto the face and neck every evening
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