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    Healthy food tips for us

    Assalamualaikum Hai korang☺☺ We Share we caring...8 healthy food tips for us to practice everyday. 1.Starchy foods should be your base 2.Eat Plenty of fruits and vegetables 3.Eat More fish 4.Cut down on saturated fat and sugar. 5.Eat less salt 6.Get active and maintain constant weight 7.Don’t get thirsty 8.Don’t skip breakfast. Nowadays more food coming with no unhealthy products,so trying to avoid this unhealthy food for a healthy life.

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    10 Benefits of eats Garlic

    Assalamualaikum Hai korang.i hope your guys doing well tosay.Happy weekends and have a great weekend.I am pretty sure your guys today have to full attend a “open house” right. Ok..for today i would like to share with you about the benefits of Garlic.how the garlic give the benefita to our body. From my readings about this benefits of garlic,let me share with you guys. 10 reasona to eat Garlic today 1.Can help stop hair loss thanks to high levels of allicin. 2.Boost your immune system and helps ward off colds. 3.Garlic filled diets help weight loss and reduces fat stores. 4.Eat to detox-garlic releases toxins from the liver. 5.Filled with…

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    6 Nutrients for women need most

    Assalamualaikum Hai and morning.Today i would like to share 6 Nutrients women need most.As a women,mother of two sweeties, i’ll need this nutrients for being a good mother and wife. So,here with 6 nutrients women need most. Vitamin B6 – Ragulated mood,apetite & sleep Vitamin B12 – Fights fatigue + improves alertness Folate – Prevents brain and spinal defects in first weeks of pregnancy + lowers risk of colon & breast cancer Vitamin D3 – Strengthens bones,teeth,muscles + proects againtst autoimmune disease + breast  & ovarian cancer Calcium – Reduce PMS symptoms + maintains blood pressure Iron – proper brain function + boost energy levels + prevents anemia All this 6 nutrients need to take for women.

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    What the Best Times to Eat

    Assalamualaikum Everyday we must eat.Do not skip any single of eating.The best times to eat you can follow this picture above. Breakfast  Ideal time : 7-8 am Don’t have it later than : 10 am Must remember : eat within 30 mins of waking up Lunch Ideal time : 12.30-2.00pm Don’t have it later than : 4pm Must remember : An ideal time gap Between breakfast  and lunch is 4 hours Dinner Ideal time : 6-9 pm Don’t have later than : 10pm Must remember :The meal should be at least 3 hours before you sleep Things that we should reminder everyday for a healthy body.It’s easy to read but…