20 Benefits of Exercise


Hai korang☺☺ Have you done for your exercise?? hahaha…

20 Benefits of Exercise

20 Benefits Of Exercise

  1. Reduces Body fat
  2. Increase Lifespan
  3. Oxygenates body
  4. Strengthens muscles
  5. Manages chronic pain
  6. Wards off viruses
  7. Reduces diabetes risk
  8. Strengthens heart
  9. Clears arteries
  10. Boosts mood
  11. Maintains Mobility
  12. Improves mobile
  13. Improves coordination
  14. Strengthens bones
  15. Improves complexion
  16. Detoxifies body
  17. Decreases stress
  18. Boosts immune system
  19. Lower Blood Pressure
  20. Reduces cancer risk
Happy exercise…

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