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Hai korang?? ini ada pesanan sikit ni,bagi membantu salah seorang rakan yang ingin mencari food donation for stray cat.Walaupun aku tak gemar sangat membela kucing,tapi sokongan untuk mendapatkan donation ni,tak salah bagi aku.Tak suka tak bermakna membenci kan.

Jika korang ingin menghulurkan bantuan,boleh terus ke blog yang dinyatakan di bawah ni.


Didi The Cat Charity is a small organization to help out stray cats in Malaysia. Its a platform to give a chance to cat’s lovers to spread their love. We are currently based in Penang as we are helping out all the free Cat’s Sanctuary here cause most of this sanctuary need help from the society.

We dont accept any money, but we are welcoming Cat’s food donation . They need help with this as cat’s food is very expensive and lots amount of cats here need lots of food too. We dont have any specific requirement for the cat’s food, we even accept the balance of your cat’s food as long as you sincere to donate! Here got hundreds of cats that will tell God how generous you are.

Any question you may call me at 016 8228854 and if you want to know more about this new organization you can go towww.didithecatcharity.blogspot.com
Moga Allah sentiasa memberikan peluang untuk menolong hamba Allah yang memerlukan..insyallah.

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